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Assisted Living In Minneapolis

At the Minneapolis Elder Care, we provide the residents with clinical and personal care services through our day care in Minneapolis services.
We have Licensed Nurses Assistants at our facility of assisted living in Minneapolis 24 /7/365 to meet residents' personal care requirements.
Registered Nurses are on-site Monday through Friday during normal business hours and are available on call 24/7.
Licensed Practical Nurses are on-site at our facilities seven days each week.
Our clinicians deliver physiological and cognitive health status evaluations, physician consultations on care needs, medication ordering, and tracking. Our Registered Nurses assess residents' needs to ascertain the house care package and the care program of solutions.
During a resident's stay at our assisted living in Minneapolis, the care program may be altered based on changing demands.
Care conferences are held with the family/responsible party, the resident services coordinator, the healthcare group, as well as the individual. We believe that communication between parties enables all to provide our residents with the very greatest possible care and support and meet family expectations.
Our stay prices are based on demands and within care packages

Services available out of their monthly rent services:

  • Visiting Physician Services

  • Seeing Podiatry providers

  • Seeing Dental services

  • On-site beautician and barber

  • Laboratory solutions

  • On-site eyesight providers

Programming & Activities

The activities which constitute a resident's daily experience should reflect the person's preferred lifestyle whilst providing a level of functioning as possible to a spirit of usefulness, enjoyment, and success.

At our assisted living in Minneapolis, Activity=Being in Action.

The actions that assist us in feeling secure, in charge of our feelings, socially connected, and loving from day to day, moment to moment events and experiences of life. To have a balanced lifestyle, it's important to perform tasks such as the following:

  • Productive activities (perform ) that make us feel useful and desired

  • Leisure activities (comfort and entertainment) that are enjoyable

  • Self-care actions (private and instrumental activities of daily living) by which we express our independence and the romantic personal aspects of personality

What exactly can an individual with dementia feel whole?

  • To be comforted is critical for our demands for acceptance and tenderness.

  • An attachment discusses our need to be connected to important people around us.

  • Inclusion goes beyond attachment and discusses our need for part of the group.

  • Occupation knows that each individual has had meaningful roles.

  • Identity has to be contemplated within the context that each of us wants to know who we are, what defines us, and enables us to ground ourselves.

Programming & Activities at our day care in Minneapolis, Mn that support Feeling Whole


  • Outdoor putting green

  • Basketball

  • Daily exercise classes

  • Dance walk bar

  • Outdoor matches


  • Puzzles

  • Current events

  • Reminiscence groups

  • Bingo

  • Trivia

  • Pet visits

  • Eating outside in neighborhood restaurants

  • Twins baseball matches

  • Museums


  • Music therapy

  • Music in hallways and dining

  • Weekend occasions with groups and other musical amusement


  • Monthly birthday celebrations

  • Costume and topic parties

  • Happy hour

  • Holiday celebrations

  • National Night Out

  • National Alzheimer's walk

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